Aztec Live
  • Role Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Video Editor
  • Tech Microsoft Project, Sketch/InVision, Adobe PR/AE
  • Type Mobile Application Prototype


In MIS460, Project Management, we had a group project. The purpose of this exercice was to manage a project related with Information System by making all the documents to deliver to the main stakeholders and the customers. We were a team of 5 and had the role of project managers. We chose to do an all-in-one mobile application that integrate all SDSU's services.


There were 2 main problems:

  1. SDSU have a lot of differents services that we can reach at different places, it's not centralized somewhere. From the class announcements to class registration, through SDSU's news.
  2. The main services of SDSU aren't mobile friendly. The web apps aren't responsive. And when it's mobile friendly it's because they have their own app. Thus, if you want a service on your phone, we had to download all the different app.


The solution, we thought, was to develop an all-in-one mobile app develop by the school that is calling the different services and just display on our app (centralized). As project manager, we prioritized the features and define a clear scope for the stakeholders. We decided to use the agile method, SCRUM, to develop a MVP for the Fall 2017 semester, where a beta version will be available from Spring 2017 to get as many feedback from the students. Finaly, when the app will be in production, develop the others features.


Introduction Video

Final Presentation

Technology used

UI/UX Design


There were some challenges:

  1. The purpose was only to make the deliverables for the stakeholders and be original the presentation day. So I decided on my own, to design the MVP we defined in the scope and then create a video of the prototype for the presentation.
  2. As an international student, at the beginning of the semester, I lacked some English project management vocabulary and some MIS background, as a MIS senior class. So I had to catch up quickly.
  3. MIS major students aren't technic students. I was the only one of the team to have a previous experience with mobile application.
  4. I'm not a designer, I just love that and it was the first time that I design from scratch with just technical specifications. For the graphic guidelines, I used the SDSU's colors.
  5. I had no knowledge about editing video. I learnt how to use After Effect, one week before the presentation. Thanks to another group project in parallel, The Office from Leadership class, I learnt Premiere Pro and the basic skill edit a video.

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