• Role UI/UX Designer, Entrepreneur
  • Tech Sketch, Powerpoint
  • Type Mobile Application


Startup Weekend Dauphine, Paris - January 2016We finish at the second position among 14 different startups. We were a team of 6 people, among us there were: 4 business people and 2 tech. The pitch idea was to reinvent the restaurant experience thanks to Beacon technologies and an app mobile.


There were 2 different problems:

  1. Decrease the waiting time between the installation to the order.
  2. Decrease the time spending on bill for the waitress.


So our solution was 3 different mobile applications and a beacon installed on each table:

  1. The first app is for the client, they can use it to order their food on an interactive menu and at the end, to pay directly from the app.
  2. The second and the third apps are for the restaurant:
    • One allow the cooker and chef to receive the order from the client on a tablet.
    • And the other one is an app for the owner to have access to statistics about their daily performance compare to the others days on a simple dashboard.

The beacon is used to send a notification to the clients when they sit down to order or pay. It also give the table number information when they order.

Technology used


  1. Two members of the group were English speakers, so we spent all the weekend create a project in English.
  2. First real project on Sketch

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